Florence + the Machine Releases New Single “Ship To Wreck”

Indie pop queen Florence Welch has been building the hype around her new album release (due to drop this summer) for several months with teasing music video clips, singles, and shots from the studio. The latest single, “Ship To Wreck,” has the most pop feel we’ve yet seen from her, mixed with a little rock to yield a bright, bubbly tune that shows off Welch’s ever-impressive vocals.I must confess, it’s catchy, but I have yet to see anything from Miss Welch that rivals her first album’s brilliant, innovatively dreamy tones. I don’t dislike it, but I’m not wowed either. But I’m a harpist, and therefore biased towards her earlier work with Tom Monger (there’s been much less harp on each consecutive album, to my massive disappointment). This track actually reminded me a bit of Echosmith, so if you liked them and historically love Flo you should definitely check this out.

What do you think?