That one time Lin-Manuel Miranda went on Last Week Tonight

Confession 1: I’m not one to go into politics on here.

This is a music blog. I recognize that for most of my readers the only soap box you want me standing on is one of ultra-indie-hipster music opinion. But, sometimes music is political. And regardless of your political beliefs, when political music is done well it is seriously powerful shit.

Confession 2: I am obsessed with John Oliver.

I liked the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I thought both had some really great moments. And it felt super cool and adult to sit with my parents and watch them and then talk about the state of our nation and the world. When I was in college and lazy about the news, they were a good way to stay informed without getting to stressy. But I have to admit. I never LOVED them the way so many of my friends (especially the Political Science/IR majors) did. But I LOVE John Oliver, and find Last Week Tonight to strike a beautiful balance between seriously good journalism and great comedy. I refuse to miss a video, and when I do, I start plumbing the archives (#whenyouvegotitbad).

So when I saw John Oliver’s recent piece about Puerto Rico’s devastating financial situation, I was already onboard. And when he totally nerded out over Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton during the first few minutes, it was probably one of the best and most adorable moments on television since my dad projected a YouTube video of a tiny chihuahua trying to walk in a yellow rain jacket and blue galoshes (sadly I have searched the internet and cannot find the precise example…but here are some ducklings blown over by the wind). But then, in the last 4 minutes of the show, the real show happened. I.e.Lin-Manuel Miranda CAME ONSTAGE and performed a piece specifically tailored to Puerto Rico’s plight and Last Week Tonight‘s coverage of it.

I honestly can’t decide which man is more my hero right now…but it’s safe to say that Miranda is definitely one of Oliver’s.