Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Oh, X-Men, I’ve loved you for so long. I remember so clearly the first time I watched the X-Men movies and was totally hooked. #nerdalert

I’ve actually really loved the last few movies—the earlier setting has been super fun to watch and inspired some pretty great music moments. There’s nothing like some retro tunes to fuel some retro vibes. And while I thought that the latest movie, Apocalypse, totally sucked (seriously…of all the villains THAT’S the one you’re gonna go for? *yawn*), there was one particular character that made the whole thing worth the $10 I shucked out to see it. Oh yeah, I’m talking about you, Quicksilver.

Most of you will remember the inspired moment in Days of Future Past where we got to slow down and see the world through the snarky speedster’s eyes, and I will say that Apocalypse didn’t really switch much up on that score. But I didn’t really care. This is one moment where “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is very applicable. Sassy dude saving a bunch of school kids while jamming to the Eurythmics? YES PLEASE. Although, I do think New Order’s “Blue Monday” could have worked equally well.

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