Their Head Sounds: EL VY

I could really list a ton of different artists for this. I got lucky with EL VY and hung out with them for a while and amassed a large number of listening suggestions from all of the members. And then there was that PHENOMENAL playlist Knopf had playing in between sets at their shows…all the 80s goodness. I almost cried the first time I heard it. Seriously, I’m 90% sure that my insistent swooning at every track was a big reason why they let me backstage.

But there was one name that just kept popping up all weekend long, and that was John Grant. Apparently another fan had suggested it to them while they were on tour and both Knopf and Berninger would not stop talking about him. First his name was dropped in a convo between the two of them. Then Knopf asked me if I knew of him when we were chatting about our favorite music. And then Berninger mentioned him in our interview a few days later. Naturally he was catapulted instantly to the top of my “to listen to” list, and I have fallen completely in love (those of you who checked out my January playlist will have heard “Black Belt,” which might still be my personal favorite track for its brilliantly witty lyrics).

I have it on good authority that Knopf is particularly fond of Grant’s Pale Green Ghosts, which truly is an exceptionally brilliant album, with special mention going to “GMF.”

Phenomenal song. Phenomenal music video. Excuse me while I go listen to this man’s entire catalogue and deliberate about how to see him live in the coming months.