Song of the Day: Tears For Fears “Mad World”

It’s official. I’ve fallen completely back down the 80s rabbit hole.

And it is glorious times here my friends. The midnight solo dance parties are at an all time high. Synth and bass can be heard emanating from my headphones and bedroom at all hours. I feel bubbly and angsty and happy and like everything in the world is just so insanely awesome all the time.

So, can someone please explain to me how I managed to avoid hearing the original version of “Mad World” until now? I heard the Gary Jules cover in high school and was totally obsessed with it in my more maudlin moments. And somehow I managed to completely miss going back and checking out the original goodness. In retrospect, I blame The Cure…they dominated my life all through high school…and Depeche Mode…and Lily Allen.Okay, but seriously, THIS SONG. Let’s start with just how magnificently percussive it is. And I love the more surprising moments of synth in the second verse. It’s got a fantastic and addicting groove…bouncy enough that you can dance to it but also great for long walks. And so angsty in all the right ways. I firmly believe that 80s music is the best cure for life crises and this song fits perfectly into that canon.

Also, side note, but this video is golden. There really is nothing better than a good 80s music video, particularly since most of them are completely incomprehensible. Why is he inside? Is it rehab? Sunday school? A psych ward? And why is there a man dressed in a black coat outside his window (whom he appears not to notice) dancing on a bridge? These questions really just add to its immeasurable quality. The hair, the fashion, the weird sensuality, the superimposed images…I love it all.

To make up for lost time I’ve been listening to it at least ten times a day all week. And no, I’m still not sick of it. So now I’ll be going back and ACTUALLY listening to all of Tears for Fears. You know, just in case I missed something.