Song of the Day: OK Go “Upside Down & Inside Out”

Unless you are living in a hole, you have probably heard of OK Go and they’re insanely awesome music videos. They basically broke the internet with their treadmill dance video for “Here It Goes Again” and then they floored everyone with the ridiculously intricate “I Won’t Let You Down” (oh, and let’s not forget the magnificent carstrumentation of “Needing/Getting”). And, as many of you probably know, they’ve done it again. In zero gravity.


The video itself is beyond cool. What is also super cool, however, have been the triad of behind-the-scenes posts released in its wake. Stereogum got the first scoop with a look into the filming process behind the video (each period of zero gravity lasted about 27 seconds and required numerous takes before they got it down #commitment). Then, Sweet uploaded this gem where the band members explain how parabolic flight works and how they filmed the video. And finally, [guff] published this piece on the band’s final day of filming.

Perhaps not the most original of blog posts, but it definitely deserved a mention…plus, I honestly cannot stop watching it. Oh, and the song is great too.