Song of the Day: The Smith’s “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”

Oh boy.

So a bit of a break from the blogging. Jobs changing. Life moving. Emotions flaring.

In all honesty, I haven’t been listening to much new stuff. *gasp* THE HORROR.

But when I find myself in moments of transition I like to return to old favorites. I’ve been revisiting the archives of my music library and finding all the gems I used to listen to on repeat in high school. And you know me, I love the angsty 80s. Cue this number by The Smiths.Oh…it’s so good. I totally relate to the ambivalence he’s feeling. When life’s turning you over there’s such a beautiful comfort in spending time with those you love in spaces of life and vibrancy. And you know, I’d rather not be hit by a double decker bus, but I suppose that could be a quick way to go. At any rate, I get where he’s coming from. And that synth is the best security blanket I could ask for.