Their Head Sounds: Jimmy Sutton

Almost exactly 3 years ago, I went to see J.D. McPherson perform. It was one my first concerts and he was playing at my favorite Twin Cities’ venue. I had been obsessed with his album for months—listening to it on repeat and dancing away, chatting up all my friends and telling them to check it out. And, naturally, being the obnoxious curious person that I am, I stuck around after the show and chatted everyone up. Of all my conversations, the most memorable was one with bassist and producer, Jimmy Sutton. He told me all about his first bass, why he usually asks for 10 lottery tickets on the rider, and, when I asked him for music recommendations, told me that I absolutely had to go home and listen to The Flamingos.

Well, 3 years later, I went to my 3rd J.D. McPherson concert, and it was just as magical and magnetic as the first time. As I’ve said before, these shows always get me nostalgic and homesick, so when I grabbed Sutton and chatted with him after the show, I mentioned our first meeting and his music recommendation. “I’m so glad I told you to go listen to The Flamingos,” he said. “Sometimes I wish I could take back previous comments, but that was a good suggestion.”

So, without further ado, here is the first THS I ever recorded. No surprise that this is one of the best suggestions I’ve ever gotten.