Song of the Day: Brigitte Bardot “La Madrague”

Okay,  I know it’s not summer yet, and therefore this song of the day is perhaps somewhat premature, but it was so beautiful today and All I wanted was to be outside soaking up the sun (I think I’m vitamin D deprived). “La Madrague” fit my mood perfectly. Delicate bells and Bardot’s whispy voice set a lovely light springy mood that echoed our gorgeous sunny day with just the right amount of breeze. And though the sweet lyrics evoking long lazy days on the beach may not have completely complimented the weather, I felt the same tranquility they evoke as I walked along the banks of the Seine.As we move further into spring (and closer to my departure from Paris) I find myself increasingly drawn to French artists. A few days ago I featured Gréco, today Bardot…just wait for Piaf—she’ll be in the ring soon too, I’m sure. They just suit my mood and the lovely weather we’ve been having. Plus, they’re classics, and always worth revisiting, if you ask me.

I hope that wherever you are you too are getting to enjoy lovely, cloudless days. But if not, listen to this song (I think with the bells it would also be perfect on a rainy day) and dream of days of good weather future.