Song of the Day: Bon Iver “Wash.”

Today involved quiet moments, white sheets, writing, reading and a some meditation on my life in Paris and the wide open door that is the next 6 months. I’ve been frequently asked over the last few months if I feel uneasy, not knowing what I’ll be doing in the next few months, and my answer is always the same: not really. A little fear, a little excitement. But that’s just where I am right now and worrying won’t change it. It’s the way it’s been since I graduated college. It’s the way it will be for a while. So I choose to feel excitement and let my inner dreamer guess at where I’ll be in a few months.

With all these emotions came a very particular soundtrack to my quiet day…sweet, gentle harmonies with a slightly melancholy edge. Maybe a bit of falsetto. An indie vibe with a hint of Americana. I think Bon Iver sounds just about perfect.I missed the Bon Iver train when they were super hyped and rising to fame. I think that was during the height of my ’80s faze and really nothing could tear me from The Cure. But I must say, in recent years I’ve been listening to more and more of them and the more I hear the more I like. This song, in particular, stole my heart. I was planning on making “Hinnom, TX” the song of the day but when I heard this I couldn’t resist it’s quiet insistence.

The rhythmic, softly building piano, the perfectly layered strings introduced at all the right moments, yield a truly delightful sensory experience. It sings quiet mornings in the sun, dripping coffee, home abroad and left behind. And that’s just what I need right now.