Song of the Day: Juliette Greco “Sous le ciel de Paris”

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you have all had lovely days, full of chocolates, pastels and good tunes. I always love this holiday. We’ve always celebrated it secularly, but there’s something about it that I find utterly irresistable. Maybe it’s the abundance of bunnies. Or the Cadbury eggs…

Since I was celebrating solo today I spent it pampering myself—eating delectable goodies, reading, and listening to a ton of good music. And today, the lovely morning light on my white sheets, fashion magazines, and croissants, as well as general spring vibe put me in a particularly francophilic mood. So today’s chanson du jour is an old favorite and a true classic. Come to Paris and I guarantee you’ll hear an old man play this on the accordian in the metro. Somehow, it never gets old, but just gets better. I think the best part (besides her stunningly smokey, rich voice) are the lyrics—an ode to Paris viewed by it’s emotive skies. Perfection.