Song of the Day: Into the Woods “No More”

A bit of a departure from the type of music normally featured on this blog. Tonight I watched the Disney remake of “Into the Woods” and was pleasantly surprised. I was under the impression that I would be massively disappointed, but the movie was quite enjoyable to watch. That said, as always, the original is so much better. I missed the powerful vocals of the original cast, the unpretentious magic that occurred on-stage where special effects couldn’t be employed. So today’s song of the day is going to be one of the numbers that was cut from the film. I’m not saying this is the best song in the show (I think some of the others are much stronger), but it is very good and I missed it. Most of all I missed Chip Zien’s performance as The Baker. He was so marvelous and I found myself wishing to hear his voice more than any other.

For those unfamiliar with the show, here he is singing with a strange old man (his estranged father) who lives in the woods. It’s in the second (more interesting) part of the show, where the characters cope with the fall-out after receiving their wishes. I love how simple the tune is, echoing the Baker’s sentiments.