Song of the Day: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles “You Really Got A Hold On Me”

Man. This is seriously one of my favorite songs ever. I’ve always been a Motown girl, but after taking a seminar on it with Andy Flory I will forever adore the hits that poured out of Detroit in the early ’60s. They all had a ton going on for them and this track (which happened to be one of their first BIG chart-topping singles) is one of the finest. Robinson’s voice is rich and soulful with incredible sensuality and when paired with that lovely guitar riff everything becomes absolutely irresistible.For your viewing pleasure I’m going to add a special extra video* of them performing it. Because they worked super hard on their choreography and it’s so much better this way anyway. And to all the gentlemen who consider humping an appropriate substitute for dancing I say this: watch and learn. Just look at those dance moves! Gah! It was all so genius. Perfectly polished and constructed. Designed to sell. And brilliant in every regard. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over wishing that I’d been born early enough to see these guys perform live. Ah well. I shall have to cope with it somehow.

Now, please excuse me while I go listen through my collection of all of the chart-topping Hitsville singles…