Song of the Day: James Blake “Retrograde”

The end of March marked my re-descent into the vortex of PBS’s Masterpiece and BBC costume dramas. A marathon of Downton Abbey led to a full on addiction to Mr. Selfridge which led to…well…not knowing what to do with myself now that I have to wait a week for new episodes. What WILL I do when season three is over?

With that question in mind I decided to slowly wean myself off the addicting turn-of-the-century drama with something completely different: The Leftovers. I’ve been interested in checking out with this show for a long time and am really excited to start watching it. And the pilot was no disappointment, particularly in the music department. Which led me to today’s song of the day:

“Retrograde” by James Blake

Those of you who used to listen the My Head Sounds Like This the radio show or have checked out my Spotify playlists know well that I had an absolute love affair when this was released. It has this deliciously lush, melancholy groove to it that is soooo addicting. And Blake’s vocals…stunning. I’m not always on board with the overabundance of falsetto we see now from male singers—sometimes I really wish men would just stick to their natural deeper voices since they’re often more on pitch and waaaayyy sexier. But Blake manages to make falsetto super sexy and so I whole-heartedly approve.

P.S. Is this music video not super cool? I think it’s super cool. I love James Blake.