Title Track

There’s nothing quite so exciting or intimidating as the launch of a new blog. If I’m being honest, I have delayed writing this post for a long time. There’s always an excuse:

I’m too busy.

What about work?

The blog isn’t pretty enough yet…

The blog doesn’t even have a proper domain yet…

It goes on and on. Thankfully, weeks of dancing around the inevitable (and missing tons of great posting opportunities…doh!) have forced my hand. It is time to breathe life into this longtime crazy idea of mine, and write a proper blog post.

So, for this once, a few quick notes about me before we go on a long and ramble-y journey together:

  1. I live in Paris (for now).
  2. I love music (obviously).
  3. I used to write for Minneapolis/Saint Paul’s The Local Current blog…but that was a college gig and now I can’t [insert massive sad face here].
  4. I am generally shy…until you put me in a room with awesome musicians, and then I can become quite bold…maybe too bold.
  5. I’ve been playing music since I was 8. Before then I liked to sing along to every Disney song ever—my favorite was the Wishing Well song from Snow White…if your ears are cringing at the thought, you probably are reacting correctly.
  6. When I was in high school I went through a BIG 80s phase…I still haven’t completely gotten over it…just ask me to sing a Cure song and I’m there.
  7. I used to DJ two radio shows and I miss it a lot. Expect a lot of playlists.
  8. My senior year of college I took a seminar on Motown and I think it solidified my music nerdery. The result was a 25-page paper on The Supremes and the discovery that they made a Country/Western album…it’s beautiful.
  9. As with most audiophiles I’m into vinyl. Get on it.
  10. This blog is named for a Peter Gabriel song because he’s kind of one of the most awesome dudes ever. Not to hyperbolize or anything. He really is.

I think that’s enough to be getting on with. I have lots of ideas and plans for this little blog and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Talk again very soon.