Introducing OCL (Obsessive Compulsive Listening)

You know that moment when you just get hooked on a new band/song/album and you can’t stop listening to it? And then you check your watch and realize it’s 2am, you were supposed to go to sleep hours ago and you’ve been listening to the same track (or three) for the last few hours? No? Just me?

When it comes to blogging about music this is a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because it means I REALLY know whatever I’m featuring on the blog. A curse, because it often means I’m not consuming as much music as I think I should be at any given time (this usually leads to mandatory shuffle-your-iPod-times or forced Pandora sessions to make it up). Also because it creates scenarios like when I went to see Pokey Lafarge and STILL had “Girlfriend Is Better” stuck in my head all night. Oops. (Side note: Pokey agrees that the Talking Heads are great and started humming it with me when I confessed this later that evening. Could I love him any more? I think not. Also I’m now OCL for his stuff, so it comes around.)

That said, I think it speaks volumes about music and one’s personal tastes when you stumble upon something that hooks you so well that you just can’t stop listening. I also like to think that most of the time these pieces are the really good ones—it takes some really good songwriting, instrumentation, and lyrics to keep me pushing the repeat button all day long. That, or it’s the musical equivalent of crack (I’m looking at you K-Pop).

So, I thought I’d start sharing the songs and groups that I’m obsessing over. Technically I already do this, but now I’m coming clean putting a name on my neurotic nature. Let the obsessive compulsive listening habits reign free.