Song of the Day: The National “Don’t Swallow the Cap”

My last few days have been full of running around this beautiful city. Paris is in full bloom, and I cannot resist spending all my time exploring. Naturally, this also means a lot of time in the metro. And when there’s metro time, there’s a great need for a soundtrack.

I wanted something upbeat, dynamic, indie with enough electric to get me moving. The song that plays during the montage of young people running around and being crazy and having all sorts of urban adventures. Enter The National…I must hop on the hipster train and express my undying love for The National and especially their latest album, Trouble Will Find Me. Expertly crafted and hitting a sweet spot between upbeat and broody I’ve been obsessively listening to it since it came out. Last year when I was commuting regularly to the Twin Cities it became my regular bus ride soundtrack—so much so that I now associate a few tracks with the Minneapolis skyline. One year later, I’m still in love. With beautiful layering and production it’s one of those albums that just gets better with age, and manages to fit every possible mood and whim you might have. And Matt Berninger’s voice? The man rocks an early Dylan vibe in the twenty-first century that I find utterly irresistible. Swoon.

“Don’t Swallow the Cap” has always been one of my favorite tracks off the album, bringing a gently rocking vibe that inspires movement wherever you are. Looking for a new soundtrack to your urban lifestyle? Look no further. It’s just begging to be montaged in a film to images of subways and young people running around doing stupid stuff. (It would also do well on a road trip list.)

So, now you can appropriately picture my life in Paris. What about you? What’s on your life playlist?