Song of the Day: Lescop “La nuit américaine”

For those of you out partying the night away on this beautiful, warm April eve I have something particularly special that I’ve been saving for the perfect moment.Ever since I heard Lescop’s “La nuit américaine in a very hip Parisian bar I’ve been obsessed. I suppose that’s evident just from the fact that I actually had a tall friend hold my phone to the speaker to shazam it, but ever since discovering this jewel I just can’t stop listening to it. The cadence and really magnificent layering make this a true gem for urban life—everything about it really evokes night life in a city to me. And it manages to strike that perfect balance of being just catchy enough that I want to listen to it on repeat forever but I never really get sick of it either. Perhaps I will one day, but till then I’ll just be slow grooving to this and dreaming of nights on the town.